Marketing Services

Wiggle Digital Marketing focuses on the development of all marketing decisions, providing authoritative high-quality market research services to our clients. We help companies learn what is driving each trend and how it evolved with an effort to provide sound, practical and promptly executed marketing research with information directed to the audience.
Marketing Services

Wiggle Digital is a full-service marketing research company in South Africa helping companies understand their target market and unearth opportunities, we work with a various team of innovative to meet client objectives no matter the size of the project. We guarantee our clients services that are honest, accurate, and professionally giving clients solutions that are practical, unbiased, and innovative.

Professional Marketing Research Solutions

We offer a wide variety of research methodologies with creative and flexible services to suit our client’s needs. Again, we monitor both the internal and competitive research. Basically, we do this to provide actionable strategic insights and ultimately create a tactical competitive advantage for our clients. Creating actionable insights from research data, we help our clients solve key strategic business questions while staying ahead of their competition.

We are committed to providing actionable solutions to our customers through professionalism, dedication and commitment, our research solutions exceed client expectations. We use a combination of market research methodologies to gather analytical data and deliver insightful strategies. Furthermore, this is to help our clients make better and cost-effective decisions. Wiggle digital brings the most comprehensive solutions together in one place through a vast understanding of behaviour and attitude of your customers.

We offer a wide range of research services for businesses covering both qualitative and quantitative research. Therefore, our services include the following:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Customer surveys
  • Digital research
  • Brand research
  • Online insights
  • Analytics reports
  • Observational research
  • Social research

We provide our clients with effective solutions in all aspects of market research including data collection, market evaluation, and customer analysis for effective results.