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Biggest DIY Web Design Mistakes People Make

What makes a good DIY web design? Why must companies have a website? These are the questions many people fail to answer and end up design website that is not responsive.

What is web design?

Web design is the design of websites that are displayed on the internet and most importantly, the user experience aspects of web development. Each and every website you design, you have to ensure that it is user friendly and the speed is good.

We have however seen the growth in the number of mobile users. The majority of people search using their mobile than a desktop. Basically, this means that web designers have to design websites that are mobile-friendly.

What makes a good website design?

A website is made of graphic designs, website layouts, and content. To have a complete and responsive website, one needs to structure and plan before arriving at the designing part. If however, you rush to designing, your website will not drive traffic and you will lose the goal of your business website.

A good website has to have;


  • logos and images designed by a graphic designer
  • the right font size and color depending on the company’s identity


  • this includes the structure of the website
  • categories of the pages and information


  • Focus on the right keywords users search using on the internet
  • Use the right descriptive headings
  • Concise, clear, and descriptive information/content

Is it necessary for companies to have websites?

Many companies fail to drive sales and meet their target because they are not marketing their brands the right way. Having a company website is a way of connecting and marketing your brand online. Furthermore, if your DIY web design is good with the right features, then your brand will get more attention.

Wiggle Digital as a website design company, help companies to drive sales, traffic, and leads through their web design services. In addition, they also provide graphics design services that can assist your DIY website look more appealing.

What are the mistakes people do when DIY web design?

People who are designing their own websites tend to make the mistake of not following the right procedures of designing the website. We look at the mistakes they overlook when they DIY web design. These mistakes include;

  • They make use of free website templates – free templates are not offering well-supported features
  • Not a responsive web design – a website that is not responsive can make you lose visitors and clients
  • Poor website branding – your website needs to appealing with eye-catchy images, logos, and font colour and size
  • No Search Engine Optimization – not using the right keywords, meta description, headings, links, and etc.

In closing, a proper well-structured plan is needed when DIY web design. Thus, most of the DIY website doesn’t appear on search engines like Google and others. Make proper research on how websites are designed. Get the right information on what graphic designers, SEO copywriters, and website designers on how they work on their website.

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