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With more than 15 years experience, Wiggle Digital has been providing quality Web Design Services around South Africa, including Mpumalanga, Johannesburg, and Pretoria ever since our doors opened. As a result, we are however, built with a team that carries more than 15-years of experience and knowledge of the web industry, we’ve been involved since the early days of online management and thus, bringing a know how attitude, experience, and passion to the table.


Mobile Friendly Designs

We create visually appealing designs that are up to date with the new technology and online trends, Also our Designs are user-friendly and work on all platforms such as Mobile Phones and Tablet devices and are User-Friendly backend and easy to use and navigate through.

Web designing Nelspruit

Web Design with a Purpose

Wiggle Digital works between technology, user experience design and online marketing. With this in mind, we help businesses from different industries achieve their goals and boost them to be the best in the market.

Web designing Nelspruit

Content Driven Design

Content help in getting the message across to your audience. Therefore web design decisions are dictated by the on-page content. Wiggle Digital web designers frequently use the actual content to create visual elements that will help in converting visitors into customers.

Work with South Africa’s Best Web Designers!

We believe in offering the best kind of website design services that make the most consistent difference possible around South Africa – this includes Mpumalanga, Johannesburg, and Pretoria. Furthermore, we love working with people who are in need of assistance in building the first step to what can as a result, become a very impressive online empire through website development.

Besides, our company offer progressive services which concentrate on listening as well as learning and a better understanding of the needs, wants and desires of our business as a whole.

Therefore, with our knowledge and expertise on what makes the best web design company in South Africa, we make sure that the amount of work and effort that we put into creating programs allows our clients to flourish.

With this said, we put our client’s needs and wants first. Additionally, we always deliver on the requirements and expectations that are set as well as build platforms that are all about success and more.

Work with The Finest of Web Design Companies in South Africa Today!

As part of our web design company, we work with a team of developers and designers who we can trust to get the job done. Few things are as important to us as managing and looking after the longevity of our clients.

Furthermore, we are diligent and honest about the importance of developing a long-term plan for you. However, it’s not a cookie-cutter plan or anything of the sort but a legitimate marketing scheme built up for your own business.

This therefore, allows you to get the kind of website design that you need, one which captures your business in the finest of lights. In essence, we take great care in helping people make these choices, ensuring that success and the chance for progression are never limited.

For more information, feel free to contact us today – we’ll be sure to deliver the quality of web design that you deserve!

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Are you searching out a local website design company?

With over 15 years of experience, we know what to put into practice when it comes to making a website. We concentrate on the key factors that can make a business tick on the web, such as:

The need for easy scalability and improvement as time goes on and the opportunities appear for progression.

The quality and consistency of your website design, ensuring it’s the beginning or culmination of your brand.

The importance of building a website which is optimized, organized and prepared to deliver at the very highest level of your industry.

The detail and information provided the written word and media, convincing customers new and old.

Web Design Process



Each one of our clients is different and our approach is industry-based accompanied by data analysis and researching. Every business has its unique values and performance metrics. We research and understand each persona’s needs



With 7 years of experience in, our team can use a wide range of technologies to provide business solutions.

Web designing Nelspruit


We define information pathways that help your users become informed and convert. Through team involvement and a drive towards simplicity, we cut through the clutter and focus on business goals.

Web designing Nelspruit


We believe in building brands and relationships. We go an extra mile to keep our customers happy. Trust on Wiggle Digital to bring more ideas into keeping our customers happy



We measure and manage results when the day of the launch comes. We provide on-going support where we review our strategies.

Web designing Nelspruit


We are confident to deliver high-quality design; we are constantly pushing ourselves to present outstanding digital experience.

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