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The life of internet revolves around content and even more content for marketing and advertising, the success of content marketing lies in creating content that engages your audience and motivates them to spread the word (share your content) so the secret is to get people to share but most importantly is to get your content approved by Google using all the Google rules and one of the rules is to make sure that your content is SEO Friendly, that’s why we look at the important basics of SEO.


What Is SEO?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that gets traffic on the free, organic, editorial or natural results on search engines. If you are running a business and you need more customers’ both international and locals attention to it So you let the web know about it and host it by making use of the good SEO. Then the search engines will come and help you to get into the top of the search results. If you are on top of the search results it means that you get more attention than the others who are in the same field.


Keys to Good SEO


Search engines account for every word on the web. That means if someone looks for a word, the search engine only gives the results which have that word.

  • Titles

Our design company ensures that each web page has a unique title and is keyword focused so that search can be summarised only for that title.

  • Link Building

If one web page links to another it means that it is rich with information. So search engines give first place to those pages that link to another page internally or externally.

  • Words in links

You need Web development services to design your website with links to go to for a specific site that they promote. So if someone is searching using that word the specific website comes first in the search results.

  • Reputation

Search engines mostly think about the site’s reputation. If a site includes quality links and always updates their information and it has good stars the search engine automatically gives them the priority. Wiggle Digital affordable SEO services ensures that your website has enough great content.

Benefits of SEO


  • The results are low cost

You need to pay for someone to make your web page come first on the Google engine results and Wiggle Digital Marketing specialises with that, all that you need to do is to go for one of the affordable SEO services at Wiggle Digital in Nelspruit and tell us your needs. Then we will fulfil your needs.

  • Increased visibility in search engines

Clear and creative content show up in the search results. So you should hire Wiggle Digital’s web development expert to do your website design.

  • Return On Investment is better than normal ads

SEO offers you the greatest Return on Investment than any other methods of publicity.

  • Ongoing marketing

Anyone can check anytime about the things that they want on the internet so that means if your site comes first of the results probability of increasing the number of customers is high.


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